Agustina Gandolfo Bio Lautaro Martinez Wife

Agustina Gandolfo is Lautaro Martinez’s wife, a supermodel, entrepreneur, media personality, and top-class businesswoman.

She is an adorable personality who has impacted the lives of her husbands, both of the same nationality.

She is one of the beauties from Argentina who are compared to the likes of Georgina Rodriquez and other football star wives.

Agustina Gandolfo has a unique love for Lautaro Martinez, with whom they have built a lovely bond from a solid foundation.

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Agustina Gandolfo Biography

Agustina Gandolfo

Agustina was born November 6, 1994 in Mendoza, Argentina. Agustina Gandolfo is a unique personality who is 29 years from now 2024.

She had everything from her childhood in her native home in Mendoza, on the American continent of Argentina.

Her father is called Sergio Gandolfo. His life was actively in business, which was how he handled his family’s demands.

Agustina Gandolfo Wiki Bio

NameAgustina Gandolfo
Age 29 Years Old
Date Of Birth November 6, 1994
Place Of Birth Mendoza, Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Parents Sergio Gandolfo (Father)
Guadalupe Gandolfo (Mother)
Husband Lautaro Martinez
Sibling Giuli Gandolfo
Children Nina Martinez
Theo Martinez
Career Volleyball Player
Media Personality

Her mother is called Guadalupe Gandolfo. There isn’t so much of her, but she made an impact as a mother and caregiver.

Agustina grew up being happy despite their small lifestyle and culture, which greatly impacted her life.

She has one sibling named Giuli Gandolfo, another member of their small family from childhood.

His family is tagged as middle-class people with decent lives of not struggling and not in the elite society in Argentina.

Her family is a humble group that greatly impacted Agustina, making her a relevant woman with many qualities today.

She had her parents do enough during her schooling to put her into the right learning institution.

She had some education at Patagonia Spanish School, where a lot took place in shaping her future.

She also ventured to other institutions to build herself for the University, which was her final stop in getting educated.

Lautaro Martinez’s wife, Agustina Gandolfo, graduated and made something off herself before marrying her husband today.

Lautaro Martinez Wife

Lautaro Martinez Wife

Agustina Gandolfo has been an excellent partner since becoming Lautaro Martinez’s wife.

Their home has blossomed with so much achievement over the years, helping them make things work efficiently.

They have also made several sacrifices to get to the place they occupy today in their hearts and homes.

The duo built their relationship quickly upon setting eyes on themselves for their initial meeting.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez met during an organized event by Mauro Icardi with his lovely wife.

During the event, they had some discussions, which they were both into, and they were curious to continue their meetings.

Slowly, they navigated the friendship stages and became partners who were dating privately with a media presence.

Their relationship continued while they built behind the scenes until things became public later.

Their meeting happened in 2018, and from that moment to this day, they have made much together as a couple.

Things carried on for the duo until it became severe that a proposal took place in one of the most beautiful locations of all.

Augustina and Lautaro Martinez had the best wedding on a beautiful day in May 2023.

They decided Italy was the most suitable place for them to hold their wedding, which was the biggest day in their relationship.

Several people were invited, including Lautaro Martinez’s teammates, who were pleased to make it through for their man.

It was an eventful wedding which happened in Lake Como. The duo had their families and close friends who could come to Italy for their big day.

They were notable faces at the wedding, including Megan Thee Stallion, Romelu Lukaku’s girlfriend.

The duo of Martinez and Agustina have made a family with two youngsters growing up already.

Their kids are Nina and Theo, who have remained the only addition to their union since they started together.

They had their initial child in 2021 before having another in 2023, leaving them little to be on their own.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez have their permanent home in Italy, where their career is going.

Agustina Gandolfo Career

Agustina Gandolfo Career

She has a beautiful career today, which she started early as an athlete involved in Volleyball.

Today, Agustina Gandolfofo is a model who runs her business and indulges in numerous activities to make money.

She has built a brand that many people admire and respect today in Argentina and Italy.

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She opted for modeling instead of furthering her education beyond where she stopped.

A source confirmed her modeling career was already active when she was a 17-year-old teen.

She was still in Argentina and already picked up several massive jobs, which promoted her higher.

She was playing Volleyball, where she learned about her talent for modeling, which is often familiar to ladies in such sports.

Lautaro Martinez’s wife also indulges in fashion, which is part of her specialties and expertise in life.

Agustina Gandolfo is successful beyond measure despite still keeping a handful of private concerning her professional life.

Lautaro Martinez Football Career

Lautaro Martinez Football Career

Martinez is a versatile forward who can be a central or second striker. He quickly made a name for himself as a prolific goalscorer, scoring 27 goals in 64 appearances for the club in Argentina.

In 2018, Martinez moved to Inter Milan for a fee of €22.7 million. Martinez has helped Inter Milan win two Serie A titles in 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Martinez made his Champions League debut for Inter Milan in 2018. He has since scored 14 goals in the competition, including a memorable brace against Barcelona in the 2019-20 semi-finals.

He won the Golden Boot at the South American Championship and helped Argentina finish second at the World Cup.

Martinez made his senior debut for Argentina in 2018. He has since scored 21 goals in 40 appearances for his country.

Martinez played a crucial role in helping Argentina qualify for the 2022 World Cup. He scored six goals in qualifying, including a hat-trick against Venezuela.

His success in playing has spread beyond just his club and the national team, where he achieved a lot on both ends.

Agustina Gandolfo is not just Lautaro Martinez’s wife, but she’s also his fan who is mostly present watching him play for the club and National team.

Agustina Gandolfo Net Worth

Agustina Gandolfo Net Worth

Lautaro Martinez’s wife net worth is $1 million from her successful lifestyle in business and other ventures in life.

Agustina Gandolfo has been able to tap into many ventures that took off from her teenage years in Argentina.

Her persistence and courage have put her in higher places where she has generated massive income.

She does more for herself than holding out for being a celebrity wife, which is the case of a handful.

Her partner’s net worth is $20 million from his active playing career as a football striker.

He recently signed an extended deal which will see him remain playing in Italy under Inter Milan, who increased his salary.

His career took off slowly, but today, he benefits from the joy of waiting and taking all his opportunities when they arrive.

Martinez is a massive star who made enough from playing in Italy, where he wanted to leave at some point.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez’s union is enormous and something they treasured well apart from their career wealth.

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