Chantal Mato Bio: Hector Herrera Wife

Chantal Mato is the wife of Hector Herrera, an entrepreneur, businesswoman, CEO, and beauty model.

Her various endeavours qualify her as a dynamic woman who keeps working and making enough.

She has remained a long-term partner to her husband, and they remain committed to their marriage today.

Chantal Mato has always been Hector Herrera’s known and only wife, with whom they already have a family.

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Chantal Mato Biography And Age

Chantal Mato

Chantal was born November 15, 1990, in Pachuca. Chantal Mato is an established personality who will clock 34 in 2024.

She is an adorable woman who has had to push through a lot, coming from a town in Mexico where everything started.

She had a lot of encouragement and support, which helped push her through the tougher times she faced as a child.

Chantal Mato Wiki Bio

Name Chantal Mato Herrera
Age 34 Years Old
Date Of Birth November 15, 1990
Place Of Birth Pachuca, Mexico
Nationality Mexico
Parents Mr And Mrs Mato
Career Businesswoman
Husband Hector Herrera
Children Hector Herrera Junior
Mia Herrera
Net Worth $700k

Chantal is an established person today, and this is due to how focused she was and the support she received from her family.

Her father is Mr. Mato, while her mother is Mrs. Mato. As of this day, they are not concerned much due to the privacy they prefer to keep.

She had to enjoy life in a community where they are deeply tied to their roots as Mexicans who are also traditional.

A lot did go on in her growing-up days, and her siblings also ensured life was good under the protection of their parents.

However, little information is gathered based on who she is related to.

Chantal Mato’s education was also a part of her that shaped her days growing up in Mexico as a young local girl.

Her parents made sure there was a massive investment made available to ensure she had the best education.

We can’t lay claims to anything concerning the names of her schools, but she did start from her age and finished at the university.

Her education is expected to have happened in Pachuca, Mexico, where her parents made lives for themselves.

Chantal Mato has made lemonade from the lemons she was given as a child. Today, she is established on all fronts.

Chantal Mato Career

Chantal Mato Career 

Her main professional is in the beauty industry, where she has been able to establish an enterprise for herself.

Chantal Mato is known as the founder of an agency called Stay on Social, a huge success story today.

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She has made a life as an entrepreneur who creates jobs for several people, ensuring that her helping hand is extended to many.

Her agency is the most valuable factor in her career achievement and success today.

Chantal Mato remains a dynamic woman who would go to any length to make something for herself.

Hector Herrera Wife

Hector Herrera Wife

Chantal Mato has been the best part of Hector Herrera’s life over their years of being together, from dating to marriage.

Their fair share of drama and obstacles kept them apart as young lovers still navigating a career path.

However, they have remained together, and things will continue to flourish.

Nothing is vital to pinpoint when they started seeing each other from the onset.

However, we know they are from the same country, which made it easy for them to build a solid relationship.

Chantal and Hector Herrera have remained part of each other’s story since their early days as friends.

Their relationship took baby steps before maturing into something serious, which is going well today.

They dated and got to know themselves better until around 2014,  a crucial time for them as they already knew what they wanted.

Their engagement was already done, and they decided it was time to make a move that would see them get married.

Chantal Mato and Hector Herrera established a date that saw them getting married in 2015.

They had a beautiful journey to their marriage, and many people came to celebrate their wonderful day with them.

They enjoyed the presence of those who came to wish them well on their wedding day, including celebrities.

Since marriage, they have built a family with children named Hector Jr and Mia, who remain their only offspring.

Chantal Mato and Hector Herrera today have a wonderful family, and they reside in Texas, United States, where they have a home.

Hector Herrera Career

Hector Herrera Career 

Hector Herrera is a Mexican midfield maestro who has had a successful career on both the club and international stages.

Herrera’s professional career kicked off with CF Pachuca in Liga MX in 2011, when he was able to build himself.

In 2013, Herrera moved significantly to Portuguese giants Porto, where his career hit another high point.

Initially facing challenges for playing time, he persevered and eventually became a mainstay in the starting lineup.

His leadership qualities blossomed, leading him to be named club captain in the 2015-16 season.

During his six-year stint with Porto, Herrera amassed over 245 appearances, leaving his mark with a Primeira Liga title.

He lifted two Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira victories in his time with Porto.

After a trophy-laden spell in Portugal, Hector Herrera sought a new challenge, joining Atlético Madrid in La Liga.

He contributed to their La Liga title win in the 2020-21 season, showcasing his tenacity and strategic play in a more competitive league.

In 2022, Herrera embarked on a new adventure, joining Houston Dynamo in MLS in America.

He brings his experience and leadership to a young team, hoping to propel them to future success.

Since 2012, Herrera has been a mainstay for the Mexican National Team, affectionately nicknamed “El Tri.”

He proudly represented his country at major tournaments, including three FIFA World Cups (2014, 2018, 2022).

He also played at two FIFA Confederations Cups (2013 and 2017). He was featured in the Copa América Centenario (2016) and the Olympic Games (2012), where he secured a gold medal.

Hector Herrera has done so much for himself as a player today; he is just pushing through his final lap before retirement.

Chantal Mato Net Worth

Chantal Mato Net Worth

Chantal’s net worth is $700k, which is earned through her business ventures and agency company, among other things.

She enjoys a good life without needing her partner to make the cash available for them to enjoy or make do.

There is much she has ventured into in life, and they are constantly fetching enough money to keep her going.

Her agency company is also doing well, which brings in all the money she needs to stay going.

However, Hector Herrera’s net worth is $15 million, which all comes from his football career, which has been going on since his teenage years.

He played at his peak in Europe, which helped him accumulate enough wealth from his salary, bonuses, and other endorsement deals.

He earned a lot in salary as he continued moving to different clubs, where he made crucial contributions.

Meanwhile, Chantal Mato played a massive role in ensuring the football players made decisions favouring their families.

Things have stayed good between the due in terms of generating wealth and ensuring everything is available.

Chantal Mato is Hector Herrera’s wife. Together, they have stayed in love and built something wonderful that is still active today.

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