Coral Simanovich Roberto Bio: Who Is Sergi Roberto Wife

Coral Simanovich Roberto is Sergi Roberto’s Wife, an established model, businesswoman, fashion designer, and CEO.

She manages a fashion brand that is very well known and popular amongst people involved in her career line.

She made a path for herself, which put her in a position of success and removed her from the shadow of her partner, who plays Football.

Coral Simanovich Roberto is Sergi Roberto’s wife, and their relationship has progressed a lot since they started dating and then married.

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Who Is Coral Simanovich Roberto Biography, Parents, And Age

Coral Simanovich Roberto

Coral was born September 9, 1991, in the United States. Coral Simanovich Roberto’s birthplace is New York, and she will be 33 years old in 2024.

Her family is comprised of Israeli nationals who once lived in Israel before moving to the United States, where they reside today.

Coral and her family are from Manhattan, where they were able to make a living since their migration to America.

Coral Simanovich Roberto Wiki Bio

Name Coral Simanovich Roberto
Age 33 Years Old
Date Of BirthSeptember 9, 1991
Place Of Birth New York, United States
Nationality Israel
United States of America
Father Roni Simanovich
Mother Limor Bahat
Husband Sergi Roberto
Career Fashion Designer
Children Kaia Roberto

Her father is called Roni Simanovich. His livelihood revolved around business, which made him a wealthy man.

Her mother is called Limor Bahat. Although her life with her husband didn’t go as planned, she is doing well today.

Coral Simanovich Roberto comes from a family where everything is comfortable due to their wealth and popularity.

She is a sister to two other females and one brother, making them four from their parents, who made life very easy for all of them.

She and her family did not spend many years in the United States when Coral was 3 before they all moved to Israel.

Their family made their lives in Tel Aviv. However, her family wasn’t that stable, as her parents had to divorce when she was 5 years old.

Things were a bit shaky as his father decided to marry his now wife, Pnina Rosenblum, once again.

Coral Simanovich Roberto was just 14 years old when her father brought in another wife who acted as a stepmother.

Things were good as she lived with her sister Neolle and a brother, Shon, with their half-sister, Yuli.

In addition to her family, she had a productive education from an early age, which started after they left the United States.

She studied at Tichon Hadash Tel Aviv, where she gathered a lot of knowledge to improve herself for the future.

Another notable part of her education was studying at Shenkar College, a fashion school she finished in 2016.

Coral Simanovich Roberto is an example of an accomplished woman who made sure she built a life that many women admire today.

Coral Simanovich Roberto Career

Coral Simanovich Roberto Career 

She has walked through a unique path that extends far beyond the spotlight, pushing her globally.

While many may recognize her name as the wife of Sergi Roberto, Simanovich is a driven individual who has successfully balanced a modelling career with her passion for fashion design.

Coral Simanovich Roberto foray into the fashion world began at a young age when she was still living with her parents.

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At 18, she embarked on a modelling career, demonstrating her poise and captivating looks while serving in the Israeli armed forces.

Her dedication and perseverance are testaments to her strong work ethic, which has continued to motivate her.

After completing her military service, Simanovich transitioned into full-time modelling.

Modelling was there. Coral’s talent and beauty secured her a place in prominent advertising campaigns and fashion magazines.

While modelling provided a successful platform, Simanovich’s creative spirit craved a deeper outlet.

Her desire to translate her vision into reality led her to pursue a degree in fashion design at Shenkar College of Design, a prestigious institution in Israel.

This educational background gave her the technical skills and design knowledge needed to bring her ideas to life.

Coral Simanovich Roberto design aspirations continued further. She channelled her creativity into launching her clothing line, aptly named “Coral Simanovich Brand.”

Her venture allows her to express unique design aesthetics and connect with fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the style she produces.

Simanovich’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond fashion. She is also the co-founder of NoCo Jewelry.

Juggling a successful modelling career, a thriving design business, and the co-ownership of a jewellery brand showcase her remarkable ability to manage multiple endeavours while maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Coral Simanovich Roberto has also shown steady success in all endeavours, which still keeps her in the spotlight.

Sergi Roberto Wife

Sergi Roberto Wife

Coral Simanovich Roberto’s life with Sergi Roberto is one many never expected to happen or imagined to come to reality.

The duo are both from different timelines when it comes to everything concerning them, from their backgrounds to their personal lives.

They are two separate personalities who have different lives from places where they would never come to imagine themselves together.

Coral Simanovich Roberto has, however, been able to build a wonderful life alongside her husband, Sergi Roberto.

Their relationship is something many have yet to understand or put a hand in as to how they came about meeting each other.

They both never had any initial meetings from their childhood, and based on where they spent their lives, they were very far from each other.

Their meeting happened on Social Media, and after chatting, they became very close to setting up their first date.

As time passed, they decided it was time to take their friendship into a relationship in which they already revealed so much to themselves by then.

Coral, already familiar with the surroundings of Spain, decided to fly down to where she spent time with Sergi Roberto.

According to the media knowledge, their first date happened in 2014, and things were already serious between them by then.

They continued dating until their engagement when they began planning the next step: legalising their relationship.

In 2018, Coral and Sergi had a memorable w, wedding on May 18 in the presence of all family and friends.

They have lived together since marriage, building a family that enjoys their lives in Barcelona.

Coral Simanovich Roberto and Sergi Roberto are both parents to their child Kaia Roberto, who, till today, remains the only addition to their marriage.

Sergi Roberto Football Career

Sergi Roberto Football Career 

Roberto’s footballing journey began at a young age, culminating in a remarkable career dedicated to the Blaugrana.

Roberto’s story starts at the famed La Masia Academy, Barcelona’s renowned youth development system.

His natural talent and adaptability were evident, showcasing his ability to play midfield and defence equally.

Roberto’s official debut for Barcelona’s senior team came in 2010, a sign of the promise he held.

However, establishing himself as a regular took time. Roberto spent the next few years bouncing between the first team and Barcelona B, the club’s reserve side.

His dedication and commitment eventually paid off, earning him a permanent promotion to the senior squad under manager Gerardo Martino in 2013.

While Roberto’s natural position is central midfield, his tactical intelligence and willingness to adapt have enabled him to excel in various roles.

He has seamlessly shifted between right-back, defensive midfield, and even winger when needed, becoming a manager’s dream and a vital cog in Barcelona’s tactical machinery.

This versatility played a crucial role in Barcelona’s success during his career, contributing to numerous trophies, including seven La Liga titles and two Champions League victories.

Roberto’s loyalty and leadership qualities earned him the honour of becoming Barcelona’s captain in 2022.

Despite facing challenges with injuries in recent seasons, he continues to be a valuable asset to the team, offering experience and tactical flexibility.

Sergi Roberto’s career exemplifies the value of dedication and adaptability in professional football.

His loyalty to Barcelona and willingness to play wherever needed cemented his position as a club legend.

Whether orchestrating play from midfield or providing defensive solidity at the back, Roberto’s versatility and unwavering commitment have made him a true maestro for the Blaugrana.

Sergi Roberto remains with Barcelona to this day, where he carry on vigorously playing. He hopes to retire at the club when it is time to say his goodbyes.

Coral Simanovich Roberto Net Worth

Coral Simanovich Roberto Net Worth

Coral’s net worth is $5 million, which she earns from her ventures in fashion, modelling, business, and numerous other activities.

Coral Simanovich Roberto is buoyant enough that she had already made many moves before meeting her husband.

Her fame is global in fashion and modelling, which she has been doing for many years since her teenage days.

She has also built a large audience on social media, and her Instagram became popular after meeting her partner.

However, she was already a notable personality on social media a long time ago because of her posts, which always get a lot of attention.

She has built herself alongside Sergi Roberto, whose net worth is $15 million, mainly from his football player wages.

His career has mostly been spent in Barcelona, where he has enjoyed success both individually and with his team.

Coral Simanovich Roberto and Sergi Roberto have already accumulated a great deal of wealth, but they are still far from ending their active careers.

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