Ellen Ziolo Bio Dennis Schroder Wife

Ellen Ziolo is Dennis Schroder wife, popular for being the celebrity wife of the famous basketball player and a media personality.

She is a young lady who is very determined and business-oriented. She is also famous for being a social media influencer and model.

She has enjoyed a wonderful life being famous because of her relationship, one of the most talked about in the NBA universe.

Ellen Ziolo and Dennis Schroder have a unique dynamic in which, despite their background differences, they are perfect for themselves.

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Ellen Ziolo Biography

Ellen Ziolo

Ellen was born December 10, 1991, in Germany. Ellen Ziolo is a beauty who already hit 33 years old.

Her mother’s name is Beata Ziolo. There is no record of her father. Ellen has three siblings: two brothers named Daniel and Kevin and a sister, Silvia Ziolo.

However, there are few details about her educational background; she is known to have graduated with a degree from a prestigious university in Germany.

Ellen Ziolo Wiki Bio

Name Ellen Ziolo Schroder
Age 32 Years Old
Date Of BirthDecember 10, 1991
Place Of Birth Braunschweig, Germany
Nationality Germany
Father Mr Ziolo
Mother Beata Ziolo
Siblings Daniel Ziolo
Kevin Ziolo
Silvia Ziolo
Husband Dennis Schroder
Children Dennis Jr
Imalia Schroder

She falls into the zodiac family of Sagittarius, and just as her star sign entails, she is brilliant and hard-working.

She is a dynamic lady who does not give up easily on whatever she chooses to do, which has helped her build her brand.

The 33-year-old is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 58kg, and her body size is 34-25-34, including her chest, waist, and hip; she has unique features that make her exceptional.

Ellen has a lucky number of 6, a random color Orange, and a lucky stone, Turquoise.

Her life with her parents was terrific as they were heavily involved in making a lot happen before she became an adult.

Her mother’s role was the most active, so she is famous and given enough credit by her daughter.

Ellen Ziolo made good of the opportunities made available to her by her parents, who were heavily invested in making things easy.

Dennis Schroder Wife

Dennis Schroder Wife

Ellen Ziolo is married to Dennis Schroder, a German basketball player who is also a guard for the Raptors in the NBA. He is 30 years old and two years younger than his wife.

He found interest in Basketball after his father’s death, and he decided to take it up as a career.

Dennis and Ellen started their relationship way back in school during their youthful days.

Their connection was perfect despite their two different backgrounds.

Many would have thought their relationship wouldn’t last long, but they are still vital.

People can’t just keep away from not talking about the couple’s life as they are from different racial backgrounds.

They dated for many years before they became more serious about their relationship.

Ellen and Dennis Schroder decided they had to go official. At first, they got engaged.

They soon planned their wedding, which ended up occurring in July 2019, which was eventful.

They have since moved on to making a family together, and today, they have two little ones as children.

They have a son named Dennis Jr and a daughter named Imalia, who are much younger today.

Ellen Ziolo and Dennis Schroder are both enjoying parenthood while also navigating through their respective careers.

Ellen Ziolo Career

Ellen Ziolo Career

Ellen Ziolo is more of a homemaker and does business, which remains unknown today.

Dennis Schroder’s wife keeps her professional life private while running her home, which is significant today.

Her life in the professional world has kept her busy whenever she is not tending to her children.

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She has managed so much in her life and family, enough to consume her time from a professional job.

According to her social media, she is doing managerial jobs for her husband’s career.

She posts a little on her Instagram, which only has three things and nothing else.

She also plays a massive role as a supportive partner who ensures everything at home is good while her husband is away.

Her husband, Dennis Schroder, is the one who has made fame in his NBA career that has been on for years.

Dennis Schroder NBA Career

Dennis Schroder NBA Career

His playing career took off in Germany where he was so good and made it to America in the NBA.

He played a limited role in his first two seasons with the Hawks, but he began to emerge as a star in his third season.

In 2016, he averaged 17.9 points and 6.3 assists per game and was named an Eastern Conference All-Star.

Schroder continued to play well for the Hawks in the following seasons, but he was often overshadowed by teammates such as Trae Young and John Collins.

Schroder had a successful season with the Thunder in 2018-19, averaging 15.4 points and 4.2 assists per game.

He helped the Thunder reach the playoffs, where they were eliminated in the first round by the Portland Trail Blazers.

He played a vital role in the Lakers’ 2020 NBA championship run, averaging 15.3 points and 3.9 assists per game in the playoffs.

He played well for the Celtics in his lone season with the team, averaging 19.6 points and 5.8 assists per game.

In 2022, Schroder signed a one-year contract with the Houston Rockets.

In 2023, Schroder signed a two-year contract with the Lakers. He did well enough playing for the Lakers for his second time.

He is a crucial player for the Toronto Raptors and is expected to have a successful season in 2023-24.

Dennis Schroder is enjoying his career today as a player with the Raptors, which he plays regularly.

Ellen Ziolo is a fan who regularly supports her partner during important games.

Ellen Ziolo Net worth

Ellen Ziolo Net worth

Her net worth is $500k from her private business and her husband’s wealth from the NBA.

Ellen Ziolo keeps things at home sound and does another job to occupy herself rather than remain a housewife.

Dennis Schroder’s wife is making little revenue, but her role in her marriage is worth more than she can bring.

On the other hand, Dennis Schroder has a net worth of $30 million from his exploits playing Basketball.

His time playing at the professional level has seen him move to several teams, earning different wages.

He is also gathering income from endorsements, which are multiple under his image and name.

Ellen Ziolo and Dennis Schroder have their life secured in every aspect as they continue living happily.

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