Lisa Trede Bio: Who Is Thomas Muller Wife?

Lisa Trede is Thomas Muller wife who has accomplished much as a professional Equestrian and trainer.

She mainly focuses on training young Equestrians and will continue operating as an entrepreneur after retirement.

Her relationship with the German players seems to speculate so much concerning them still not having any child together.

Lisa Trede is happy as Thomas Muller’s wife, and they want to stay married for as long as possible.

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Lisa Trede Biography Age Parents And Background

Lisa Trede

Lisa was born on September 21, 1989, in Germany. Lisa Trede is from Oberbayern and is now a 35-year-old woman whose birthday is in September.

She enjoyed so much as a young girl who spent her youth in Weinheim, Oberbayern, with aspirations of making it big.

She grew in age and education, and her parents ensured everything was available.

Lisa Trede comes from a background that is tagged as Caucasian, which is of a different race and ethnicity.

However, she is called a German national based on where she was born and has enjoyed life all her life.

Her parents are Mr and Mrs Trede. They aren’t open to the media as nothing relevant is made available or known concerning their life.

She also follows the Christian religion alongside all members of her family, who are also doing well religiously.

There isn’t enough to gather from the days of her growing up, but we know she had life alongside her family members.

Lisa Trede’s childhood life mainly focused on getting an education despite her love for horses.

She did everything in her education in German schools, and at the same time, she gathered enough to grow herself.

There remain to be known no names of schools she attended as that information is kept for privacy reasons.

Lisa Trede means a lot to so many people today, which is all credit to the life she had from childhood before becoming a woman.

Who Is Thomas Muller Wife?

Thomas Muller Wife

Lisa Trede is famous and relevant as Thomas Muller’s wife. They live together as a family under the same roof.

Their relationship dates back to a time when they were still trying to arrange a life for themselves that would allow them to become successful.

Despite the obstacles, they have stepped through so much to ensure their relationship works by any means possible.

Things have remained stable despite all that happened and took place in their lives.

They both built something that started gaining public attention in 2007, which was still the early days of their dating.

Lisa Trede and Thomas Muller started from the basics, like other couples, first in the stages of being friends.

Many things did happen at the time they were seen as friends, which was mainly private to avoid the media speculating.

They built in private for a while before their relationship gained attention in 2007, and by then, they had already defined things.

Lisa and Muller started a committed relationship in 2007, which grew quickly within a few years when they started talking about marriage.

They got engaged between 2007 and 2009, and very soon, they were set to make their relationship legal and official.

They completed things in 2009, the year of their wedding, and many people came to celebrate with them.

There is something shocking about the duo that many still don’t understand and struggle to believe they don’t have a child.

For many unknown reasons, the couple has yet to have a child together, but they are happy to remain the same.

Lisa Trede and Thomas Muller remain in love with each other, looking to make some decisions in the future that could see them make children.

Lisa Trede Career

Lisa Trede Career

She ventured as an Equestrian during her early days when she pushed into a professional career.

Lisa Trede was an equestrian for most of her life before ending active racing.

However, before her career ended, she made sure there was much advancement to her name, which remains valid to this day.

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Her accomplishments include racing in the biggest competition most equestrians want to compete in after making it professional.

She fostered a love for horses, which led to her deciding to make a career in racing.

Lisa continued to groom herself before going professional in a sport that isn’t common, like that of her husband.

She brought home a silver medal during a state competition and tagged the Bavarian u25 in 2014.

Lisa Trede came 3rd place at Stuttgart Masters in 2019; since then, there hasn’t been much concerning her career. Today, she is retired.

Thomas Muller Career

Thomas Muller Career

His career has been arguably the best amongst all players who made their debut simultaneously.

Thomas Muller’s career has been devoted to Bayern Munich, where he has spent almost all his active days as a player.

His professional club career was spent with Bayern Munich, where he won everything on the German side.

He started with the reserves team in 2008 before graduating to the senior side that same year.

Since making his break, he has become a mainstay for the Bavarians, racking up impressive stats.

He made 619 Appearances, including 266 Goals, and is still counting, playing for the club that has given him everything possible.

His trophy cabinet overflows with success at Bayern Munich, a combination of everything local and in Europe.

He has been part of the Bundesliga-winning team 11 times, making him one of the most decorated players in German league history.

CMüller has also won the prestigious Champions League twice and the FIFA Club World Cup once, adding to his records.

Müller made his German debut in 2010 and quickly established himself as a key player, and to this day, he has made 128 Appearances with 45 Goals.

During the 2010 World Cup, he finished third, won the Golden Boot (most goals scored), and won the Best Young Player award.

He won the 2014 World Cup with Germany and also claimed the Silver Ball award (second-best player) and Silver Boot award (second-most goals scored).

Thomas Muller has won everything possible for the club and the national team but has never won the Ballon d’Or.

Lisa Trede Net Worth

Lisa Trede Net Worth

Lisa’s net worth is $700k, but this is inconclusive because much information still needs to be provided about her life.

She does make a lot of money as a trainer after ending her active career to pursue another journey in her life.

She is self-reliant and does a lot to ensure her needs are met without involving her partner.

Thomas Muller remains a wealthy man, with a $30 million net worth from his playing days to today.

He barely made many moves and stayed in Germany despite getting much attention during his peak.

Despite his age, there is still more fight in him that sees him keep playing for Bayern Munich, where he hopes to end his career.

He and his wife have made so much for themselves that they hope to invest in their children’s future.

For now, their main focus is building a lot available so when they start welcoming children, it won’t be stressful for them.

Lisa Trede and Thomas Muller are still a long way from making full accomplishments in their lives, and they are still holding back on having a family of their own.

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