Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Bio: Roman Burki Girlfriend

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is Roman Burki’s girlfriend, a professional model, media influencer, and businesswoman.

Modeling paved the way for Marlen, who is highly recommended for her exceptional talent and experience in her career field.

She also adds the popularity of being a sportsman partner who has made a name playing Football for European teams, including Switzerland’s national team.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez shares a great relationship with Roman Burki, who comes from different backgrounds and countries.

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Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Biography, Age And Family

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez

Marlen was born May 18, 1996, in her hometown of Wertheim. She is now in Germany, and she will be 28 years old in May 2024.

Her place of birth is Wertheim, Germany, where her parents established their lives and pursued various endeavors.

Her father is called Mr. Valderrama-Alvarez. There is no detailed information on his life, with no concrete details available.

Her mother is called Mrs. Valderrama-Alvarez. She maintains a private life but plays a crucial role in her daughter’s life, with frequent interactions between them.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez possesses a deep understanding, having grown up in a modest family with rich values to cherish.

She comes from a family of five, including two siblings and their parents, who faced challenges during their younger years.

Her siblings have already carved their paths with successful families in present-day Germany.

She is the youngest among her siblings, with two older sisters who have taken their husbands’ surnames, leaving her as the sole sibling with many aspirations ahead.

Much information remains undisclosed regarding the beauty queen who has garnered recognition as a model.

She completed her education in Germany, acquiring valuable knowledge, although specific details remain unconfirmed.

Her education may have been concluded, or she may have chosen not to pursue further studies due to her rapid rise to fame as a model.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is now settled, with many aspirations for a successful life.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Career

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Career

Her career has shaped her into a successful and mature individual who has remained self-independent.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez enjoyed success mainly because of her modeling career, which was announced to her initially.

She modeled for many years before her relationship and status as Roman Burki’s girlfriend became public.

She built a life as a model who had top brands justling to get her working for them and their establishment.

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She started in Germany, where she continued getting a few offers before her name became global.

She has created a status for herself that many respect and her dedication has helped open many doors.

Her career had already taken shape in the early days, and she just needed to keep working to ensure she earned global recognition.

Marlen has gone all the way out to secure something in the modeling niche of the profession, which she generally shares on her social media.

Aside from her profession, she also made a name as Roman Burki’s girlfriend, who usually makes public appearances at the stadium.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez has ensured that everything professional stays away from another part of her life, which she isn’t looking to complicate.

Who Is Roman Burki Girlfriend?

Who Is Roman Burki Girlfriend?

Marlen enjoys a fulfilling relationship with Roman Burki, a professional football player.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez and Roman Burki were eager to define their relationship.

They transitioned from friendship to a couple but did so well keeping their romance private initially before coming out.

Their relationship became public in 2019, although they didn’t immediately confirm it as they took more time before talking about it.

Marlen and Burki took the time to ensure their love was genuine before announcing it on social media.

Following their confirmation, they began appearing together publicly more frequently as time went on.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez quickly became familiar to football fans in Germany, where they were mostly spotted.

Roman Burki is a dedicated supporter of his partner, publicly showing his love and support in everything she does. Despite challenges and media scrutiny, their relationship remains strong.

For now, their relationship remains private as they want to keep everything off the media, which for many looks unreal.

They barely post pictures of themselves together, which has sparked much debate about what is going on in their lives.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez remains Roman Burki’s girlfriend as of the recent updates coming through, but they remain private.

Roman Burki Football Career

Roman Burki Football Career

Roman Bürki, the Swiss goalkeeper, has carved out a well-traveled path in the football world.

Currently holding the starting position for MLS side St. Louis City SC, Bürki boasts experience in both European leagues and the American soccer scene.

Bürki’s career began in his home country of Switzerland. He started with the BSC Young Boys reserve team in 2007, but frequent moves marked his early years.

He spent short stints at FC Thun and FC Schaffhausen before returning to Young Boys in 2010. However, his stay there was brief as he was loaned to Grasshopper Club Zürich later that same year.

At Grasshoppers, he eventually rose from backup to first-choice goalkeeper. In 2013, Bürki’s career took a significant turn when he signed with German giants Borussia Dortmund.

He initially served as an understudy to established goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller. But after Weidenfeller’s injury in 2014, Bürki seized the opportunity.

He impressed with his reflexes and shot-stopping abilities, solidifying his place as Dortmund’s starting goalkeeper for several seasons.

Bürki eventually lost his starting spot at Dortmund due to competition and injuries.

In 2018, he was loaned out to Spanish club CD Leganés. After returning to Dortmund, he saw limited playing time.

In 2023, he boldly moved across the Atlantic, joining the newly formed MLS franchise St. Louis City, SC.

He quickly established himself as their number-one goalkeeper at Louis City, playing a key role in the club’s inaugural season.

Bürki’s impressive form at Dortmund earned him recognition from the Swiss national team.

However, he primarily served as a backup to first-choice goalkeeper Yann Sommer. Bürki last represented Switzerland in 2018.

Roman Bürki’s career trajectory reflects his adaptability and resilience. From his early days bouncing between clubs to his rise and fall at Borussia Dortmund, he has consistently proven his talent.

Now, in Major League Soccer, he’s embarked on a new chapter, aiming to be a cornerstone for St. Louis City SC.

Roman Burki still has the support of Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez, who is always present whenever she isn’t working or on a trip.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Net Worth

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez Net Worth

Marlen net worth is $1 million, amassed from modeling, business ventures, and various other endeavors that continue to yield returns.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez is still actively pursuing opportunities to secure sufficient income before reaching an age where her options may be limited.

Her primary objective is to maintain an active presence in her field while also considering the possibility of taking breaks for family planning.

She prioritizes securing lucrative deals to enhance her financial standing and professional experience.

Burki’s retirement may be imminent. He has established financial security through his successful career.

Marlen and Burki maintain consistency in their careers, with professional endeavors remaining their top priorities.

Their main goal is to stay focused on what is important: making enough money for themselves.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvarez isn’t complicating her career for any reason and not even as being Roman Burki’s girlfriend as of today.

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