Mina Bonino Bio: Who Is Federico Valverde Wife

Mina Bonino is Federico Valverde’s wife, a sports journalist, television host, media personality, and businesswoman.

She hailed from Argentina, where things all began for her before moving to Spain.

Her talents have not gone unnoticed when it comes to her fame, which came from journalism.

Frederico Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, has been in relationships with notable sportsmen before they found themselves in 2019.

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Who Is Mina Bonino Biography?

Mina Bonino

Mina was born October 13, 1993, in Quilmes, Argentina. Mina Bonino will hit 31 years when she gets to October in 2024.

She and her family are from Quilmes, a place in Buenos Aires where they all originated and have strong roots.

Mina has always been a clever and beautiful personality, having had a wonderful childhood with her entire family.

Mina Bonino Wiki Bio

Name Mina Bonino Valverde
Age31 Years Old
Date Of Birth October 13, 1993
Place Of Birth Quilmes, Buenos Aires
Nationality Argentina
ParentsMr and Mrs Bonino
HusbandFederico Valverde
Children 2
Profession Journalist
Net Worth $1 Million

She did well enough to use what her parents provided for her while growing up and aspiring to be famous.

Her parent’s names are Mr. and Mrs. Bonino. Her parents keep themselves away from the public as they enjoy their privacy.

The information concerning her siblings is also kept private for many reasons that no one can discuss.

Mina Bonino remains the only public personality from her family, who are all doing well today in Argentina.

She puts herself out there with something she has been working on from a young age.

However, her life and education all played out together in a way that saw everything falling into place at the right time.

She is a high-class, educated woman who started her schooling in her hometown with the support of everyone called family.

She pushed through, making exceptional grades while, along the way, picking up many things to work on herself.

She came of age and ventured into higher education, where she was already forging a career path in journalism.

Mina claimed a degree in Journalism from the University of Buenos Aires, a big achievement at that point in her life.

She also furthered her education and graduated from DeporTEA, a sports school for journalists, which helped her improve a lot.

Mina Bonino is an amazing person who has made remarkable moves to put herself in her current position as a professional journalist.

Federico Valverde Wife

Federico Valverde Wife

Mina Bonino captured the heart of Federico Valverde, and they have remained together to build their lives.

A lot has happened in their relationship, which has lasted many years to this day, but they are now stronger.

Despite the scandal, they remain a solid partner, mainly because of Mina’s past relationships.

However, the duo remains committed to themselves, and they already share a home with their offspring, whom they care for together.

Mina and Federico Valverde did not have what many call childhood love, as they had been with other people before meeting themselves.

How did Valverde meet his wife? We can confirm that he met his wife on social media and Instagram, and they clicked instantly from that moment on.

Mina has had a fair share of love stories dating some famous names, including Lucas Melano, with whom they spent years together.

She also had a relationship with Del Potro, a recognized tennis name. Her relationships with sportsmen have been part of her journey.

She shared a good relationship with all her partners before they eventually had to end things.

Her relationship with Lucas Melano was a huge part of her life because they both come from the same country and share much in common.

However, her past relationships have come and gone, with Federico Valverde being the lucky man to finally make something with Mina Bonino.

Mina and Valverde’s relationship became public in 2019 after they spent time together, meeting and getting to know each other.

They quickly built something beautiful as a couple after meeting at a point where they needed the comfort of someone who truly wanted them.

Their relationship has blossomed into something they both want to hold on to forever; to this day, a lot remains private.

They had a child in 2020 named Benicio Valverde, who today should be 4 years old and growing up fast enough.

There are also reports of them marrying in 2022, an exceptional day for them and their family.

There needs to be more information on their wedding, but it happened in Argentina, and many people came to show their love.

Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde remain bonded together in a happy place and home they have built together in Spain.

Mina Bonino Career

Mina Bonino Career 

She has managed a career in journalism, which started when she was a young lady with a passion for making reports.

Today, Mina Bonino is a journalist covering most events with the Real Madrid team.

Her work is one in which few females make the higher ranks, as the men dominate more.

She isn’t backing down, as she has built a career back in Argentina, where it all started.

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Mina Bonino was first seen in Tyc Sports, where she was actively working as a weather girl for the television company.

She furthered her career, which grew beyond the borders of Argentina, before getting a much bigger platform.

Her path is more focused on sports, where she has been able to build herself since graduating from DeporTEA.

Mina Bonino has a job that mostly brings her to Real Madrid, where she currently covers many stories for the club.

Federico Valverde Football Career

Federico Valverde Football Career 

His journey as a Football player dates back to his early days in Uruguay when he was still building himself.

Federico Valverde is an established player today who enjoys his career with Real Madrid in Spain.

Things weren’t as good as they look now because there was a lot he pulled through and overcame before earning his break.

Valverde commenced his childhood profession with Estudiantes, where he dwelled from 2001 to 2008.

He then decided to further develop himself as a young player with Peñarol from 2008 to 2015, during which time his talent brought attention from Europe.

Real Madrid came into the picture and took him to their youth team in 2016, where he groomed himself until 2017.

During his youth, he played for the Peñarol senior team from 2015 to 2016, making just 12 appearances.

While in Spain, he made 30 appearances for Real Madrid B, scoring 3 goals from 2016 to 2017 before his senior break.

He had to move on loan in 2017, and he joined Deportivo La Coruña, where he made 24 appearances.

His return to Real Madrid saw him establish himself, and he has since continued commanding a starting place with his side.

His appearance has reached over 170 plus and is still counting up to this moment, and his goals also keep increasing.

Federico Valverde has often seen Mina Bonino amongst the fans and coming onto the pitch to carry out her job as a journalist.

Mina Bonino Net Worth

Mina Bonino Net Worth

Mina’s net worth is $1 million, which is a combination of her journalistic work, other side hustles, and investments.

Mina Bonino remains active in journalism, and she has a lot of development to become relevant.

She started getting buzz and making a name for herself in Argentina, and fetching earned her a lot of income.

Aside from her success, Federico Valverde is also fetching enough for himself playing for Real Madrid, where he has already won a lot.

He remains active and pushes towards gaining more success, which is nothing new for him.

He enjoys many privileges in Spain and Uruguay, where he plays professionally for a club and in the countryside.

Mina and Valverde have also been able to form a joint venture, which has enabled them to provide for their homes.

They already have everything that makes their family stable, including a luxurious home in Spain.

Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde remain actively working, and their careers are at their peak as they continue to gather enough income.

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