Pilar Sanders Bio: Who Is Deion Sanders Ex-Wife

Pilar Sanders is Deion Sanders ex-wife, a professional actress, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a media personality.

She enjoyed massive exposure when married to her former husband, who was the centre of attention globally.

Their union took a lot of hits before they decided it was time to move after making three children together and a happy home.

Pilar Sanders has made a life outside marriage; there is so much to explore who Deion Sanders’s ex-wife is.

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Pilar Sanders Biography Parents And Age

Pilar Sanders

Pilar was born on January 31, 1974, in New York. Pilar Sanders is 50 years old and commemorates her birthday this year, 2024.

The entirety of her existence has been spent within the confines of the United States, albeit she has ventured to other countries, primarily for holidays.

She entered this world bearing the name Pilar Biggers. However, she later adopted her former partner’s surname following their union.

Pilar Sanders Wiki Bio

Name Pilar Sanders (Nee Biggers)
Age 50 Years Old
Date Of Birth January 31, 1974
Place Of Birth United States
Nationality United States of America
Father Dan Biggers
Mother Jeanette Biggers
Children Shilo Sanders
Shelomi Sanders
Shedeur Sanders
Husband Deion Sanders (Divorced)
Career Actress

Her father is called Dan Biggers. He is a distinguished entrepreneur within his local sphere in New York, where he has established himself.

Her mother is called Jeanette Biggers. She is a mother who found herself managing the affairs of three children, all of whom contribute to making her life more manageable today.

Pilar Sanders is part of a trio of siblings, including Scottie and Kandie, who cohabit harmoniously under one roof in their early days.

Her formative years were imbued with love, thanks to the unwavering support of her parents and the affection shared among her siblings within their household.

Her upbringing transpired in Elmira, New York, her birthplace, where the family unit thrived in togetherness.

No discernible deviation exists in terms of her familial heritage; they all hail from the United States of America.

Her educational endeavours imbued her with overflowing knowledge, commencing from her early academic pursuits until her matriculation into university.

Her educational path was profoundly enriching, mainly due to the steadfast encouragement of her parents, who aspired for her to emerge as an autonomous individual.

She passed each academic level quickly, consistently achieving commendable grades that propelled her advancement.

Pilar Sanders graduated from Syracuse University, where she diligently pursued her studies to obtain a degree before embarking on her journey toward independence.

Pilar Sanders Career

Pilar Sanders Career

She has enjoyed massive success and exposure working as a professional actress in Hollywood.

Pilar Sanders has graced the television in movies and series; many already recognize her talent.

She was one of the people featured in the movie dubbed ‘The Mod Squad’, which premiered back in 1999.

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She made another appearance in the movie ‘Street Of Blood’ in 2009, in which she played the character Yolanda.

She took another role as a store owner in the movie ‘Percentage’, which came out in 2014.

Pilar was featured in the series ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, which came out in 1999, and she appeared in two episodes.

She has appeared in so many shows and movies to date, gaining massive exposure.

Pilar Sanders ensures her career is still active and working on the path she made many years ago.

Deion Sanders Ex-Wife

Deion Sanders Ex-Wife

Pilar Sanders’s existence as Deion Sanders’s spouse concluded some years ago due to undisclosed issues.

Despite their marital union’s termination, they shared delightful experiences as a pair.

Their shared journey extended for years, commencing when they transitioned into close companions.

Being considerably younger, they harboured aspirations for the future, striving relentlessly until the end.

Pilar and Deion Sanders commenced their romantic involvement in the 90s, making their relationship public.

They exercised patience and deliberation to ensure their commitment was mutual in their heart in the future.

Navigating through challenges, they managed to strike a balance and embarked on their dating journey.

During their courtship, they also focused on personal growth and career advancement.

Resolving any issues, they progressed to the next stage of their relationship, culminating in an engagement.

They jointly decided on their wedding in 1999 in the United States, attended by family members.

Their marital bond matured over time, leading to the expansion of their family with three children.

Their household comprised five individuals, including the couple and their children: Shilo, Shelomi, and Shedeur Sanders.

Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders relished their companionship until their separation in 2013 for reasons undisclosed, leading to divorce.

Deion Sanders Career

Deion Sanders Career 


He enjoys a career today which involves him coaching after deciding his playing days were over.

Deion Luwynn Sanders, nicknamed “Prime Time” and “Neon Deion” during his playing days, is an American football legend who also carved out a successful career in MLB.

As a cornerback, he was a lockdown defender, earning the “first-ever shutdown corner title.”

His incredible athleticism also made him a dangerous punt returner, still holding FSU’s career record for punt return yards.

While dominating the gridiron, Sanders also played professional baseball. Drafted by the New York Yankees, he bounced around several MLB teams, primarily playing outfield.

Although achieving a different level of dominance than in football, Sanders did have a solid baseball career, even appearing in a World Series with the Atlanta Braves in 1992.

He is a 2x Super Bowl Champion, which he won with the Dallas Cowboys, and an 8x Pro Bowl Selection.

He claimed Defensive Player of the Year (1994) and became the first All-Pro cornerback (9x).

He was also in the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1990s (both cornerback and punt returner).

He played with teams like the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves for nine seasons.

After retiring from playing, Sanders stayed involved with sports as a commentator and analyst.

He’s also known for his philanthropic work through his camp, Prime Time Achievers Summer Camp, which provides athletic activities for youngsters.

In 2020, Sanders took a surprising turn, becoming the head coach of the football program at Jackson State University, an HBCU.

His accomplishments and personality attracted the attention of the University of Colorado Boulder, who hired him as their head coach in 2022.

Pilar Sanders was there during the early stages of Deion Sanders’s career before things ended between them after years.

Pilar Sanders Net Worth And Salary

Pilar Sanders Net Worth And Salary

Pilar net worth is $2 million, amassed through acting, business ventures, and personal endeavours.

Pilar previously graced television screens and continues actively pursuing an acting career.

Since her divorce from her spouse, her financial status has flourished significantly.

Income from the divorce settlement contributed to her financial stability, a common occurrence in such circumstances.

While the exact settlement amount remains undisclosed, it undoubtedly reflects the duration of their marriage.

Her ex-husband, a prominent figure in American sports and football, boasts a net worth of $10 million.

Deion Sanders’s successful career propelled him to financial success despite initial setbacks.

Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders shared a chapter, ultimately unable to sustain their relationship beyond its downfall.

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