Ricarda de Roon Bio Marten de Roon Wife

Ricarda de Roon is Marten de Roon wife, a media personality, businesswoman, beautician, and sports lover.

She has a different personality, unlike other celebrity wives who put themselves in the spotlight for attention.

She continues to maintain a considerable status as a celebrity wife who has ties with her football husband, who is active today.

Ricarda de Roon and Marten de Roon’s life is excellent with so much happening since they made things official.

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Ricarda de Roon Biography

Ricarda de Roon

Ricarda de Roon was born in 1991. She had her childhood in the Netherlands with her being named Ricarda Kilian.

She is already in her 33 years as of 2024 which will take place after celebrating her birthday hitting another milestone.

Her parents were crucial in everything when she couldn’t make decisions concerning her life.

Ricarda de Roon Wiki Bio

Name Ricarda de Roon
Age 33 Years Old
Date Of Birth 1991
Place Of Birth Netherlands
Nationality Netherlands
Parents Mr. Kilian
Mrs. Kilian
Husband Marten de Roon
Profession Businesswoman
Religion Christian Catholic
Net Worth $1 Million

Her father is called Mrs Kilian. He is a successful man who had his dealings and was able to make everything available for his household.

Her mother is called Mrs Kilian. She does a lot, and to this day, she remains a homemaker who enjoys holding everything down today.

Her growing up with siblings remains unknown for many reasons, just like her childhood.

Ricarda de Roon benefited so much from the care of her parents before becoming an independent lady who moved out to the Real World.

Her family are from the Netherlands and they all hold nationality with her parent’s strong background roots in the country from their birth.

She had a decent education, enough to see her earn a good life today with her own family, which is going well.

She did not reveal much concerning how her education went down from her younger age, but it happened in the Netherlands.

She passed through all stages trying to master and know more that today is working so fine for her as she excelled so nicely.

Ricarda de Roon’s schooling ended at the University level, which we can’t confirm the name of, but she did finish in the Netherlands.

Ricarda de Roon Career

Ricarda de Roon Career

Ricarda de Roon’s professional life is not coordinator based on privacy. She is only confirmed to be a homemaker who must care for her family.

Meanwhile, she is also involved in business, which is typical for celebrity wives to ensure they are busy.

Ricarda is doing well enough from the little she has engaged herself in while also going viral on social media.

Her business side is not only the side that exposes her more to the spotlight but also other dealings on the media apps.

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She continues to make progress, mostly kept private for many reasons unknown to the public.

Ricarda de Roon does not mind the private life she enjoys, which many might tag her as the kind who relies on her husband’s wealth.

Her lifestyle is enough to tell that she engages in a lot on the side to keep herself afloat and ensure she provides for her kids.

Nothing is reliable to confirm the main details of everything going on with her professional life today.

Ricarda de Roon also supports Marten de Roon on the big stages as his career brings in more of their wealth today.

Marten de Roon Wife

Marten de Roon Wife

Ricarda de Roon has been the incredible life partner of Marten de Roon for a significant period, starting from the time they legally tied the knot.

Their journey together is of deep connection, blossoming from the early stages of their relationship many years ago.

During the initial phases of dating, Ricarda and Marten maintained a low profile, choosing not to disclose their relationship publicly.

This discretion allowed them the space to contemplate their future as a couple, pondering the plans they envisioned for themselves.

Amid this period of privacy, they delved into self-discovery, strengthening their bond in every possible way.

As they grew closer, they gained a profound understanding of each other, facilitating confident decision-making in various aspects of their lives.

The trajectory of their time together has been both fruitful and progressive, culminating in a harmonious home filled with the joy of their children.

Their connection traces back to their teenage years, a period of exploration before embarking on a journey that would define their lives.

Taking a significant leap, Ricarda and Marten became engaged in 2018, with a romantic proposal setting the stage for their impending marriage.

In 2019, they celebrated their union with an elaborate ceremony, joined by essential family members who bestowed their blessings.

Since their marriage, the couple has embraced the joys of parenthood, welcoming three amazing daughters into their happy family.

These young lives are growing up and preparing to carve their paths in the future.

Despite being relatively young in their marital journey, Ricarda de Roon and Marten de Roon aspire to achieve more milestones together as they look ahead to the promising future.

Marten de Roon Career

Marten de Roon Career

Marten de Roon is a defensive midfielder known for his intelligence, positioning, and tackling ability.

He is a vital cog in Atalanta and the Netherlands’ teams, providing the defensive stability that allows their more creative players to flourish.

De Roon began his professional career at Sparta Rotterdam in 2009, making over 60 appearances before moving to SC Heerenveen in 2012.

He established himself as a critical player at Heerenveen, making over 100 appearances and scoring seven goals.

In 2016, De Roon made a brief stint in England with Middlesbrough, but his time there got hit by injuries and he returned to the Netherlands after just one season.

De Roon found his true home at Atalanta in 2016. He has become a mainstay in their midfield, known for his intelligent play, strong tackling, and ability to break up attacks.

He has played over 300 games for the club, winning the Coppa Italia in 2019 and the Champions League quarter-finals in 2020.

De Roon represented the Netherlands at various youth levels, including the U19s, where he debuted and scored his first goal in 2009.

He was part of the squad that reached the UEFA Nations League final in 2019 and played a crucial role in their qualification for the 2022 World Cup.

He is a highly respected player known for his professionalism and work ethic. Ricarda de Roon has shown support on many occasions when Marten de Roon is in action, either for club or country.

Ricarda de Roon Net Worth

Ricarda de Roon Net Worth

Ricarda de Roon’s net worth hits $1 million, somewhat riding on her husband’s wealth.

Yet, her media presence suggests she’s got something going for herself, showcasing a luxurious vibe whenever she is outside with her husband.

Meanwhile, Marten de Roon is content with his $10 million net worth from his career earnings.

He made life comfortable for his family, starting with nothing, providing a grand mansion through his successful career and lucrative endorsements.

His ability to command substantial fees from various teams, including his national team, adds to his financial success.

The couple, however, keeps a lot about their household, including their children, under wraps.

They continue to sustain more on Marten’s success, which is the big thing in their family today.

Marten de Roon has had success throughout his career, which took off from his academy days.

He has put together a career in which he did well enough from his early days, learning from people ahead of him.

Ricarda de Roon being Marten de Roon has afforded her to gain widespread fame, and they are both making enough money from their status.

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