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Sabrina Ionescu is a female basketball star with a successful career playing in the WNBA.

Who won the 3-Point Contest 2024, Sabrina and Steph? Steph Curry was able to pip Sabrina in the 3-point contest by 29.

She is a calm and collected player who operates as a point guard and is known for her long-range 3-point shooting skills.

Sabrina Ionescu is under the New York Liberty team, a big side in the WNBA division.

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Sabrina Ionescu Biography

Sabrina Ionescu

Sabrina was born December 6, 1997, in California, United States. Sabrina Ionescu is 26 years old now.

She will be 27 years old in 2024 when it gets to December, the month her birthdays are always marked.

She grew up as a little girl in Walnut Creek, California, where her parent found a livelihood after getting married.

Sabrina Ionescu Wiki Bio

Name Sabrina Ionescu
Age 26 Years Old
Date Of BirthDecember 6, 1997
Place Of Birth Walnut Creek, California
Nationality United States
Father Dan Ionescu
Mother Lillian Blaj
Siblings Andrei
Husband Hroniss Grasu
Career Basketball Player

Her father is called Dan Ionescu. He is an entrepreneur who owned a limousine service operating in California.

Her mother is called Lillian Blaj. She is a businesswoman and mother who ran her household.

Sabrina’s father had to escape to America during a revolution in his country in 1989.

He was the only one who made it through but couldn’t get his wife and son to come simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Sabrina Ionescu’s family is all doing well and are full-time Americans.

She grew up with her twin named Edward and elder brother called Andrei. Her siblings are doing well, and her twin is also into Basketball.

She had a traditional Romanian family who did not leave their known lifestyle despite migrating to the United States.

She did middle school in her neighborhood, where she was already playing Basketball with other schoolmates.

She did make it through to high school named Miramonte, where she continued her education and development in Basketball.

She continued schooling in Oregon, where she had more time to play and improve herself.

Sabrina Ionescu is of age and has done well enough since finishing her education before moving to the WNBA.

Sabrina Ionescu Career And Statistic

Sabrina Ionescu Career And Statistic 

She wasn’t just gifted with a basketball in her crib but practically raised with it since she was three.

Growing up in Walnut Creek, California, she honed her skills from a young age, leading her high school team to a state championship.

College basketball powerhouse the University of Oregon recognized her talent and recruited her, where she embarked on a remarkable journey.

Ionescu quickly established herself as a dominant force, rewriting the NCAA record books.

She became the all-time leader in triple-doubles (26), surpassing men and women, showcasing her versatility and all-around game.

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While Oregon fell short of the national championship, Ionescu’s leadership and clutch performances in March Madness solidified her status as a rising star.

The pressure was immense, but she embraced the challenge, eager to make her mark on the professional stage.

Unfortunately, injury struck her rookie season, limiting her to only three games, which wasn’t good enough.

Despite the setback, she displayed flashes of brilliance, averaging 18.0 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 4.0 assists in those limited appearances.

After a full recovery, Ionescu returned in 2021, putting on a show for New York fans who enjoyed every moment of her playing.

She averaged 17.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.3 assists, establishing herself as one of the league’s most exciting young players.

While injuries continued to hamper her in 2022, Ionescu’s talent and impact were undeniable.

She signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike, solidifying her status as a rising marketing star.

She is already lacing up for the new season after coming off a challenge against NBA player Step Curry.

Sabrina Ionescu is hopeful of a better future that won’t involve her missing much action through injury.

Who Won Between Steph Curry And Sabrina?

Who Won Between Steph Curry And Sabrina?

During the All-Star Game, Ionescu and Curry had a unique challenge when they faced off in a 3-point shooting competition.

Although Curry ultimately won, both players put on an impressive display. Many praises went for the WNBA player who did well enough.

Who won the 3-point shooting contest? Won the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend 3-Point Contest, defeating Sabrina Ionescu in a thrilling final round with a score of 29-26. This marked Curry’s third victory in the competition.

What did Kenny Smith say about Ionescu? He suggested Ionescu, who shot from the NBA’s three-point line, should have shot from the shorter WNBA line instead.

Kenny Smith’s comments about Sabrina Ionescu regarding the 3-point shooting contest at NBA All-Star Weekend 2024 sparked some controversy.

He argued that Ionescu was at a disadvantage compared to Stephen Curry, who regularly shoots from the NBA line due to the different distances.

He claimed he was “advocating for her” as she has different muscle memory due to playing in the WNBA.

Did Sabrina shoot from the NBA line? Yes, Sabrina Ionescu did shoot from the NBA 3-point line when facing Stephen Curry in the first-ever NBA vs. WNBA 3-point shootout during the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend.

This decision received much praise, as it showed her confidence and desire to compete on an equal footing with Curry.

While she ultimately lost the challenge, her performance was impressive, starting with a solid 26-point round.

Ionescu explained that she practices from the NBA line anyway and considers it a way to improve her skills constantly.

So, although she could have opted for the shorter WNBA line, she chose to challenge herself and shoot alongside Curry at the NBA distance.

Sabrina Ionescu Husband

Sabrina Ionescu Husband

Sabrina is engaged to fiance Hroniss Grasu, who plays professional football with the Raiders in the NFL.

Sabrina isn’t just raising achievements on the court; her personal life is blossoming, too.

As the New York Liberty guard gears up for another season, she’s also preparing to walk down the aisle with her fiancé, Hroniss Grasu.

Ionescu and Grasu attended the University of Oregon, where their paths crossed while pursuing degrees in general social sciences.

They kept their relationship relatively low-key, maintaining individual athletic careers while offering occasional glimpses of their love on Instagram.

In August 2021, Ionescu officially “Instagram officialized” their relationship with a sweet birthday post for Grasu, writing, “Happy Birthday to my person! Always smiling with you.” But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Grasu went all out, staging a romantic rooftop proposal with a picture-perfect setup adorned with flowers and candles.

In a heartfelt caption, Ionescu declared, “It’s always us here’s to forever with you – 1.20.23 #finally.”

Later, she revealed on TikTok that she was shocked, thinking she was attending a GQ photoshoot, only to be swept off her feet by Grasu’s elaborate plan.

Their wedding bells are likely ringing sometime soon, and Ionescu and Grasu remain focused on their respective careers.

They are a power couple on and off the field, inspiring fans with their talent, dedication, and love story that proves romance can thrive even in the demanding world of professional sports.

So, as we witness Ionescu dominate the court and Grasu anchor the Raiders’ defense, their journey off the field adds another layer to their remarkable stories.

Who knows, maybe their future holds a shared chapter, perhaps cheering each other on from stands across the sports spectrum, proving that love and success can go hand-in-hand.

Sabrina Ionescu and Hroniss Grasu have everything planned for them in their relationship and career.

Sabrina Ionescu Net Worth

Sabrina Ionescu Net Worth 

Sabrina’s net worth is $1 million from playing in the WNBA, including endorsement deals.

Sabrina Ionescu has been able to cement many achievements, which simultaneously amount to her making a lot of money.

She has enjoyed a good journey despite moving around a little when it comes to her playing career.

Details of her salary remain private discussions, which have yet to be made public to the media for many reasons.

The WNBA pays little, forcing some to seek to play outside during the off-season.

The recent growth of the WNBA will see Sabrina and a host of others get pay increases to discourage them from leaving the country.

Sabrina Ionescu is working hard enough, and her challenge against Step Curry in the All-Star 3-point has pushed her towards more success.

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