Sarah Egnaczyk Bio: Matt Hasselback Wife

Sarah Egnaczyk is Matt Hasselback wife, who once had a career playing hockey before retiring from active involvement.

She has ventured into numerous things, including running a business to keep herself busy and making a living since leaving sports.

She is also doing much for people as a philanthropist who ensures her platform has been able to help so many in her community.

Sarah Egnaczyk’s life with Matt Hasselback has helped them reach the top and still go strong with their concerns.

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Sarah Egnaczyk Biography

Sarah Egnaczyk

Sarah Egnaczyk, born on December 27, 1975, in the United States, is now 48 years old.

To this day, she maintains some privacy concerning her childhood.

Sarah Egnaczyk Wiki Bio

Name Sarah Egnaczyk
Age48 Years Old
Date Of BirthDecember 27, 1975
Place Of BirthUnited States
Country United States Of America
Father Gregory Egnaczyk
Mother Mrs. Egnaczyk
Profession Nurse
Husband Matt Hasselback

Known for her roots and upbringing, Sarah’s father, Gregory Egnaczyk, is a certified doctor, while her mother, Mrs. Egnaczyk, balanced homemaking with a stint in business.

From a middle-class background, Sarah enjoyed privileges growing up, with her parents ensuring a well-structured education.

She started being reached at home before beginning to attend school close to their place of living.

Her parents were always close, watching how everything worked out to know where they needed to push in more effort.

Sarah Egnaczyk made it easy as she had more hunger to learn and improve on everything.

She did well enough to pass through until she came of age to leave for higher levels of her education.

Alongside her academic pursuits, Sarah actively participated in sports, particularly hockey, ultimately earning a degree in business.

Sarah Egnaczyk is succeeding so much today and wants to continue making more success with her family.

Sarah Egnaczyk Career

Sarah Egnaczyk Career

She is private concerning the recent events in her career, but she once played hockey.

Sarah Egnaczyk did several things to find her new profession after ending her time as a hockey player.

She did create so much buzz when playing hockey, as many see her as someone with so much potential.

She grew confident while making records from her playing days with her teammates.

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She did well enough to earn herself some glory and a record that several players still chase to break today.

She may decide to leave hockey because she is not looking to push further.

Sarah decided to focus on other ventures today. She is doing several things.

She has transitioned so well to become a regular personality who does an average job since her days as an athlete ended.

Meanwhile, she sometimes wears her uniform and plays hockey only for fun or pleasure.

She lives today as a businesswoman who runs several things and works with her husband.

Sarah Egnaczyk has worked hard to put a lot on her table regardless of her husband and family.

Matt Hasselback Wife

Matt Hasselback Wife

Sarah Egnaczyk is married to Matt Hasselbach, and they have pushed through years together in love.

They first crossed paths at 17 while applying to college, being athletes involved in various sports during their school years.

Their relationship blossomed early, allowing them to grow together and learn about each other’s passions.

Sarah and Matt’s love story began at Boston College, where they pursued their shared interest in business.

Their romance flourished throughout college and solidified into a committed relationship upon graduation. They wasted no time; they quickly progressed to marriage in 2000.

Their daughters, following in their parents’ athletic footsteps, excel in lacrosse and thrive in school.

Sarah and Matt remain devoted to each other and their growing family despite decades.

They remain together, working on ensuring a better home and life for their offspring.

The duo have shown no sign of any crack in their marriage, which they also keep away from the media.

Sarah Egnaczyk’s dedication as Matt Hasselback has gone a long way in ensuring they stay actively happy together.

Matt Hasselback NFL Career

Matt Hasselback NFL Career

Matt Hasselbeck’s journey began in Boulder, Colorado, in 1975. Following in his father’s footsteps.

Young Matt took to the gridiron early, honing his skills at Xaverian Brothers High School in Massachusetts.

His talent earned him an honorable mention, an All-American title, and a spot on the Boston College Eagles roster.

Hasselbeck thrived at Boston College, leading the Eagles to two bowl appearances and graduating with a degree in marketing.

He spent his early years as a backup to the legendary Brett Favre, learning the ropes and preparing for his future opportunity.

It began his rise to stardom and his transformation into a Seahawks legend.

He became known for his accuracy, leadership, and clutch performances, earning the adoration of the Seattle faithful.

Hasselbeck’s tenure with the Seahawks ended in 2010, but his NFL journey continued for a few more seasons with the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts.

He retired in 2015, quitting a legacy of success and unwavering dedication to the game. Since then, Hasselbeck has transitioned into a successful media career.

Sarah has also played a massive role and support professionally, which Matt Hasselbeck occupies today.

Sarah Egnaczyk Net Worth

Sarah Egnaczyk Net Worth 

Sarah has amassed a net worth of $2 million through her accomplishments in hockey and recent business endeavors.

Before retiring from hockey, she achieved considerable success, reaching the national team level and earning personal accolades.

Her reputation flourished even during college, paving the way for a brief but impactful professional career.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s husband, Matt Hasselback, found success in the NFL, amassing a net worth of $20 million.

His post-playing career has been equally impressive, remaining active in various endeavors.

Since retiring from their athletic careers, Sarah and Matt have shifted their focus to different ventures, embracing new opportunities outside of sports.

They both work hard in their newfound profession, which still generates massive income from their jobs.

Sarah Egnaczyk and Matt Hasselback are worth massive wealth built from their early days.

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