Stacey Wilson Bio Callum Wilson Wife

Stacey Wilson is Callum Wilson wife, a businesswoman, media star, model, and beauty queen.

She’s a high-flyer who’s all in with her career and doing well for herself.

Things got even more exciting on the sports scene once she tied the knot with her footballer hubby.

Stacey Wilson and Callum Wilson are a couple who saw life hitting them quickly at a young age.

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Stacey Wilson Biography

Stacey Wilson

Stacey Wilson was born in 1990 in the UK, and now, at 34, she’s celebrating her birthday in 2024.

Her roots run deep in the UK, where her whole family hails from, sticking together through thick and thin.

Deets about her parents are a mystery, names and all, keeping things low-key. She prefers to omit every information on her parents from the media.

Stacey Wilson Wiki Bio

Name Stacey Wilson
Age34 Years Old
Profession Media Personality
Place Of BirthUnited Kingdom
Husband Callum Wilson
Date Of Birth 1990
Children 2
Religion Christian
Race White

While she’s not officially recognized as having siblings, she’s got some in the mix.

There’s still a lot to uncover about her background, but one thing’s for sure – she’s been UK-bound since day one.

Her education journey kicked off right in her hood, fitting like a glove. She learned from the best schools in her hometown.

She aced the school game, showing off her smarts and leveling up her studies. She was decent enough always to come out tops.

Being English was a bonus, soaking up that learning vibe like a sponge. Stacey Wilson hustled through high school, honing her skills where she grew up.

Even while hitting the books, she dipped her toes in things she loved, showing off her passion.

Life went fine as she climbed the education ladder, blossoming into a young lady.

Stacey Wilson nailed a degree in fashion and beauty before tossing her cap at graduation.

Stacey Wilson Career

Stacey Wilson Career 

Her life as a professional spread from business to her role in entertainment.

She ran through several careers from her early days, trying to establish a place to hold on to in her career.

She was once into modeling, which she did more of in her youthful age with many eyes on her.

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She has always been with her husband, making it much easier for her to focus without any distractions.

Things have always flourished in her modeling career, which carried on for a while before she paused.

She carried on being a media personality who was still involved in being in front of the camera.

Being the wife of an English player has been a plus to her career, spreading her popularity further.

Stacey Wilson is dedicated and has maintained consistency in her job, which many have known her through.

She has also involved herself in business, which played out well and helped put her in certain places.

Her ability to handle more than one career has been excellent throughout her life, which many admire.

Stacey Wilson has also been able to combine being a mother and holding her career, which can be challenging.

Callum Wilson Wife

Callum Wilson Wife

Stacey Wilson and Callum Wilson’s journey together is a tale not often seen or heard.

In their teenage years, they took bold steps that raised eyebrows and sparked doubts.

Amidst the skepticism, Stacey and Callum showed everyone they had things figured out.

They kicked off their love story as teens, making a surprising decision that shocked folks.

At 17, Callum was smitten with 19-year-old Stacey, and instead of dwelling on their youth, they decided to tie the knot.

Their choice wasn’t rash; they made it official with a wedding backed by family blessings.

Since then, they’ve stuck together, proving skeptics wrong and embracing the fame that followed.

Despite the spotlight, Stacey has steered clear of media buzz, keeping things low-key.

Their marriage blossomed with the addition of two kids, their proudest accomplishments.

Stacey and Callum keep a tight lid on media speculation to shield their little ones.

Amidst it all, they stand proud of the life decisions that set them apart from those still mapping out their journeys.

Callum Wilson Career

Callum Wilson Career

Callum Wilson, the energetic and potent striker spearheading Newcastle United’s attack, boasts a career brimming with goals, grit, and a touch of magic.

His journey, however, wasn’t paved with gold. It’s a story of determination, overcoming setbacks, and finally carving his name on the grand stage of Premier League football and even the World Cup.

Wilson’s tale began in his hometown club, Coventry City. Loan spells in the lower leagues honed his raw talent, and his return to Coventry saw him explode onto the scene.

His clinical finishing and electrifying pace caught the eye of AFC Bournemouth, and in 2014, he leaped the Championship.

The move proved pivotal. Wilson became a talisman for the Cherries, firing them to a historic Championship title in his first season.

His Premier League debut was a revelation. His powerful presence and knack for finding the net propelled Bournemouth to mid-table finishes, establishing him as one of the league’s most exciting young strikers.

In 2020, Newcastle United, yearning for a goalscoring hero, came calling. Wilson embraced the challenge, becoming an instant fan favorite.

His thunderous strike against West Ham on his debut announced his arrival in emphatic style.

Despite injury struggles, Wilson’s impact has been undeniable. His intelligent movement, pinpoint finishing, and infectious work ethic have breathed life into Newcastle’s attack.

He sits proudly as the club’s top scorer in the 2022-23 season, leading the charge towards a potential European dream.

Wilson’s club exploits earned him the coveted England call-up in 2018. He marked his debut with a goal, showcasing his ability to translate his club form onto the international stage.

The pinnacle came in 2022 when he donned the Three Lions shirt at the World Cup in Qatar.

While injuries limited his playing time, being part of that historic squad remains a testament to his dedication and talent.

Callum Wilson’s story is still being written. Injuries have undoubtedly been a cruel adversary, but his unwavering spirit and relentless pursuit of goals keep him at the forefront of English football.

As he leads Newcastle’s charge towards silverware and eyes further international appearances, one thing is sure: Callum Wilson, the “Geordie Geordie,” will leave his mark on the football world, inspiring hearts and rattling nets in equal measure.

Callum Wilson is still in red top form, which has kept him in contention for his club and the England national team today.

Stacey Wilson Net Worth

Stacey Wilson Net Worth

Stacey Wilson has built a $1 million net worth through her fashion career and business ventures.

Keeping her life on the down-low makes it tricky to pin down exact figures, but she’s thriving as the better half of a footballer on a top team.

Her success stems from modeling, branching out into the fashion scene, and beefing up her net worth.

On the other side of the pitch, Callum Wilson boasts a $15 million net worth, riding the wave of his Premier League journey and deal with Newcastle United.

He’s had his fair share of glory moments and still enjoys kicking it on the English football scene.

Together, Stacey and Callum are a power couple, hustling to stack up the wealth. Their objectives have always been for their offspring to have a better life.

Stacey Wilson and Callum Wilson have financially built a life for their entire household, which they enjoy.

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