The Kelce Brothers? Travis And Jason Facts!

The Kelce brothers have been a formidable force in the NFL for many years due to their groundbreaking achievements.

Travis Kelce has made significant progress in his profession since joining the team, and his team has captured two Super Bowl titles during his tenure.

In addition, Jason Kelce has won a Super Bowl with his team and has broken several records throughout his career.

Together, the Kelce brothers have made something significant that many would remember in the NFL for years.

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Who Are The Kelce Brothers?

Who Are The Kelce Brothers?

November 5, 1987, was Jason’s birthdate. His current age is 36; in November 2024, he will turn 37.

Travis’s birthday is October 5, 1989. He is 34 years old but is anticipated to turn 35 on his birthday in 2024.

The Kelce brothers are relatively close in age, with only one year separating them, and they also act like twins.

Although Jason was born in North Carolina, everything that happened to him throughout his formative years happened in Ohio.

Donna Kelce is the name of their mother. Before growing older and retiring, she had a career as a banker.

Ed Kelce is the name of their father. He ensured a resource was available to help his kids develop into exceptional athletes.

As two football brothers, their time spent with their parents was uneventful, and they learned a lot from one another.

The ease and productivity of their parents’ lives allowed the Kelce brothers to have a happy upbringing.

Even as students, they were already well-known, ensuring that their football careers got off to a great start.

The Kelce siblings played football at Cleveland Heights High School before attending different schools.

After completing their studies, the Kelce brothers attended the University of Cincinnati and received professional career preparation.

Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Facts

Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Facts

While Jason Kelce is Travis Kelce’s older brother, the two are only two years apart in age.

The Kelce brothers are their parents’ only children, and after they give birth, they don’t have any more.

Jason Kelce is a married father of three children, whom he counts as his own.

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Kylie McDevitt, his wife, is already a mother to three children for her partner Jason, and they love spending time together as a family.

Bennet is the youngest of Jason Kelce’s children; he has two other names, Wyatt and Elliotte.

His children are all female and barely grown up, with the oldest still just six years old. His children are another interesting truth about him.

Travis Kelce is said to have already reached a new level of involvement and is still in a committed relationship.

He has been in a a profound affinity with Taylor Swift for a long period time, which commenced low-key.

He is neither a parent nor married to his partner, a well-known artist with billions of record sales.

The Kelce brothers also run a podcast called “New Heights”, centred on their family.

The Kelce Brothers Career

The Kelce Brothers Career

Jason and Travis Kelce are two brothers who have carved their paths to greatness in the NFL.

Their competitive spirit and unwavering dedication have fueled their successes, making them household names in professional football.

Growing up two years apart, Jason and Travis constantly pushed each other.

As their high school coach can attest, their sibling rivalry became a driving force in their development.

Travis, the younger brother, always tried to keep up with Jason, and this competitive dynamic fueled their ambition on and off the field.

Jason is renowned for his leadership and blocking prowess.

Travis Kelce is an eight-time Pro Bowl tight end and a vital weapon in the Kansas City Chiefs offence. He is known for his athleticism, receiving ability, and touchdown celebrations.

He has been a key contributor to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV championship run and remains a dominant force in his position.

Super Bowl LVII held a special significance for the Kelce family, with both brothers involved.

Both brothers played in the NFL’s biggest game on opposing teams: Jason was with the Eagles, and Travis was with the Chiefs.

This historic matchup was a testament to their achievements and unwavering support for each other’s success.

Their journey continues, and one can only wait and see what further heights they will reach in the years to come.

The Kelce Brothers Net Worth

The Kelce Brothers Net Worth

Their net worth combined is $300 million, which is more than their career in the NFL and other deals.

The Kelce brothers are extraordinary athletes who started well and achieved massive things.

They have histories to their names, and their achievements speak volumes about them.

Making it into the NFL was a goal they could achieve despite facing so many things along the way.

Jason’s net worth is $100 million, while Travis’s is $200 million, and they both make money from their playing careers.

They both worked up to earning massive contracts, which boosted their net worth as NFL icons.

They are both Championship-winning players, and that is something that has helped them increase their value.

Their career has fetched so much, including deals they sign in endorsements and some stuff they both venture into together.

The Kelce brothers hold a high place as global names who made it through from their hometown to becoming icons.

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