Wanted Reveal New Hit Record OWO (Money) | Release Date And More

Topmost Entertainment’s head runner Olanrewaju Lawal Rotimi who goes by the name Wanted is one many have been waiting for as he is coming to change the face of the music scene.

He is getting get for his recent single dubbed ‘OWO’ (Money) which many would be anticipating to enjoy.

The Afrobeat singer has been on his grind for a while making some moves to make sure he makes a name for himself.

He is one name that many won’t forget in a hurry of his unique style of making music that pleases the heart.

Although he might be a new face his talent is mature and ripe to hold his ground when it comes to competing with the big names.

Wanted would be the guy you should be wanting on your music playlist for this year 2024.

The new single titled ‘OWO’ (Money) is expected to be that song that will take the Nigerian music scene with force.

However, this Lagos-based Artist aims to fight for his place while also displacing others making no room for competition.

His last single titled ‘Believer’ is still getting massive play from all available streaming platforms.

However, he is also looking to debut another song which already has a release date scheduled for April 19, 2024.

The new song is ‘OWO’ (Money), and this record is mind-blowing and something that would calm you down as you go on your daily grind.

New Single – Owo (Money)

This new single has everything needed for a song that motivates you and also inspires you as a hustler.

Owo translates to the meaning Money, it is a Nigerian word from the Yoruba-speaking part of the country.

He talks about blessings and making money which will make him feel on top of the world.

The song is generally talking about how he wants to be successful, earn respect, and make it in this life.

You can preorder for this new song titled ‘Owo’ (Money) before it releases data which is scheduled for April 19, 2024.


Social Media Handles 

You can hit him up via all social media pages with the names that will be listed below.

  • Facebook – Wantedboy
  • Instagram – Wantedboiy
  • TikTok – Wantedboiy
  • Twitter – Wanted50_50
  • YouTube – Wantedboiy

Wanted is without a doubt a top talent who would go a long way in ensuring his voice makes it so far in the future.

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