Tini Stoessel Bio: Rodrigo de Paul Girlfriend

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul are no longer in a relationship that started with something good in 2022.

Like every other relationship in her life, the singer’s with the football player didn’t last long.

She has also linked her failed relationship to her busy career, which is still at its peak and receiving much attention.

Tini Stoessel is a multi-faced person who does not feel she can handle being a dancer, singer, actress, model, and Rodrigo de Paul’s girlfriend.

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Tini Stoessel Biography, Age Education Parents

Tini Stoessel

Tini Stoessel was born March 21, 1997, in Argentina. She is from Buenos Aires and will turn 27 in 2024.

She had the full name Martina Stoessel, which she had to cut short after making a big break in her music career.

Her father is called Alejandro Stoessel who directors and produces in his professional career till today.

Tini Stoessel Wiki Bio

Name Tini Stoessel (Martina)
Age27 Years Old
Date Of Birth March 21, 1997
Place Of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina
Father Alejandro Stoessel
Mother Mariana Muzlera
Husband Rodrigo de Paul
Sibling Francisco Stoessel
Net Worth $3 Million

Her mother is called Mariana Muzlera who is a famous name from her hometown in Argentina.

Tini was always beautiful growing up. Thanks to her father, she took it upon herself to become a huge name in the future.

She lived with a brother named Francisco Stoessel,  her older sibling.

Her parents ensured that she had many privileges and was self-disciplined enough to explore different luxuries, which helped in the long run.

She received her education in Buenos Aires with her brother, who were practically twins with a one-year age difference.

She initially studied at San Marcos College before moving on to Martín y Omar, where she continued her schooling.

Tini Stoessel did venture into Theater school, where she groomed herself to become the famous singer and actress many admire today.

Are Rodrigo de Paul And Tini Still Together?

Are Rodrigo de Paul And Tini Still Together?

Tini Stoessel’s affair with de Paul has faced numerous disputes to this day which news claims their love ended.

However, confirming what is happening between them has been sketchy since they hardly post about themselves.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul are not childhood lovers or the first relationship that would happen in their lives.

Tini has a few guys with whom they have had relationships before meeting Rodrigo after numerous breakups.

Her relationship escapades started when news broke that she was having something serious with actor Peter Lanzani.

They had a good one because they were from the same country and had time on their hands to build something together.

However, their relationship could only last from 2013 to April 2015, when things ended between them initially before their reconciliation in the summer.

Things ended in December 2015, before her next affair with Pepe Barroso. Things once again took the same turn as they ended the relationship in 2018 after starting dating in 2016.

The same makeup and breakup story happened before everything was concluded between them again in December 2018.

Tini was always open to love as she moved on to dating Sebastián Yatra, a famous singer from Colombia.

Their relationship began in 2019 but ended again in 2020, which was another failed love story.

Tini found love again with Rodrigo de Paul, and they started building something together in 2022.

They had been seeing each other in the past before things became official in August 2022. Their relationship timeline is a bit off as they kept things low-key initially.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul have built something that continues presently, but their affair is more confidential.

Tini Stoessel Career

Tini Stoessel Career 

She is an Argentinian artist who has been fascinating viewers from her days as a baby making an appearance.

Her journey has spanned music, acting, and even voice acting, making her a multi-talented force in the entertainment industry.

Tini’s artistic roots began early, with training in singing, piano, dance, and acting.

Her first foray into television came in 2007 when she starred in the popular children’s show Patito Feo.

Her big break arrived in 2012 in Latin America telenovela Violetta. This role catapulted her to international fame as a teen idol.

The success of “Violetta” translated to music, with soundtracks topping charts across Latin America and Europe.

After “Violetta” concluded in 2015, Tini transitioned to a solo music career under the name simply “Tini.”

Her debut album, “Tini” (2016), was a critical and commercial success, solidifying her place in the music industry.

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Since then, she has released several more albums showcasing her evolving sound that blends pop, Latin rhythms, and urban influences.

Collaborations with established artists like Sebastian Yatra and Becky G have expanded her reach.

Tini hasn’t limited herself to music. She reprised her “Violetta” character in the 2016 movie “Tini: The Movie.”

Her voice acting talents have been showcased in dubbed versions of animated films like “Monsters University” and “UglyDolls.”

Expanding into reality TV, Tini served as a judge and advisor on “The Voice” in Argentina and Spain.

Tini remains a prominent figure in the entertainment world. She continues releasing chart-topping music, touring internationally, and exploring new avenues.

Her massive social media presence solidifies her connection with a global fanbase.

Tini Stoessel is still actively working today, and she intends to push herself further to attain success in places her music and acting have yet to reach.

Rodrigo de Paul Football Career

Rodrigo de Paul Football Career 

De Paul’s professional journey began in Argentina with Racing Club. He spent time on loan at Valencia CF in Spain before returning to Racing Club.

2016 De Paul permanently moved to the Italian Serie A side of Udinese Calcio.

In 2021, De Paul signed with the Spanish powerhouse Atlético Madrid. This move came just after his success with Argentina at the Copa América.

He has become a crucial part of the Argentina midfield, known for his work ethic and tactical intelligence.

He was a vital member of the national team that prevailed at the 2021 Copa América before claiming the World Cup in the following year.

De Paul remains a key player for Atlético Madrid, featuring regularly in La Liga matches.

He is expected to continue playing a vital role for Argentina in upcoming tournaments like the Copa América 2024.

Rodrigo de Paul wants to achieve more success despite being an elite player who has won everything with the national team but has yet to win much at the club level.

Tini Stoessel Net Worth

Tini Stoessel Net Worth

Tini’s net worth is $3 million, and she earned her wealth through music, dancing, modeling, and acting on television.

Tini Stoessel is multi-talented, which ensures multiple streams of income are always pumping into her account.

She has continued to make progress despite being in her late 20s, making music and appearing on television shows.

She has come a long way from being a regular person in Argentina to becoming a global star through Walt Disney.

Her fame is so great that she does not rely on anything else, including her boyfriend’s status as a football player.

Rodrigo de Paul’s net worth is more than Tini’s, around $10 million, which includes salary and other assets.

He does not earn solely on salary; endorsement also generates income from other ventures that aren’t mentioned.

He is a World Cup winner with Argentina, and his club has valued him highly since his market price has increased.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul are still chasing a lot on their plate, hoping to attain more success as a couple.

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